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August 23, 2000 | 4:00am

VENOM-FILLED hip-hop phenom Eminem is driven by intercourse, medications while the love of their mistresses, the rapper’s former bodyguard claims within an explosive brand brand new book the rapper wishes killed.

Byron Williams, whoever paperback that is self-published “Shady Bizzness, ” should be released at the end for the thirty days, offered The Post a unique preview regarding the tell-all tome which includes lurid records of underage intercourse, bisexual orgies, homophobia and regular doses for the road medication “ecstasy. ”

The timing couldn’t be even worse when it comes to 26-year-old hip-hop heartthrob. The other day, Eminem – whoever genuine title is Marshall Mathers III – announced he had been looking for a breakup from their spouse, Kim, closing the couple’s tempestuous 10-year relationship.

Kim has understood because the end of June that her rhyming Romeo ended up being filing for breakup, however it ended up beingn’t clear if the split caused her committing committing suicide effort last thirty days in Detroit.

“Man, those two had been a hollywood death match, arguing, bickering, shoving, ” Williams informs The Post from their Detroit house.

“Whenever she had been around, there have been issues. Kim simply didn’t desire to share him using the general public. ”

Although the blond, blue-eyed looker would usually strike her husband during tiffs while on trip, Williams claims he never ever saw the rapper fight. Rumors have actually swirled across the couple’s fidelity, and in Eminem allegedly pulled a gun on another man caught canoodling with Kim at a Detroit nightclub june.

“There were times he’d call house and she’dn’t be there, ” Williams claims. “He’d get upset and argue that is they’d the phone all night, always ‘Where had been you? Where had been you? ’ This the breakup action ended up being no real surprise after all. ”

However the relationship has been explosive. On their multiplatinum records, Eminem lyrically berates, murders and dumps mom of their 4-year-old daughter in hate-filled tunes which were commonly criticized by feminists.

Eminem tasted success that is overnight their debut disk, “Slim Shady, ” soared towards the the surface of the maps. He previously been working a $5.50-an-hour cook work in a Detroit restaurant.

“Slim Shady” became the crazy young singer’s bitter alter-ego and his words ooze resentment. Their tracks on “Slim Shady” and his latest, “The Marshall Mathers LP” celebrate taboo topics such as for instance killing their spouse and intercourse with pre-pubescent girls, in conjunction with a powerful hatred of homosexuals.

BUT before hitting it big in a black colored medium, the singer spent my youth in lower-class areas of trailer areas and minimum-wage jobs. He along with his mom eventually settled in an unhealthy neighborhood that is black Detroit where in actuality the slim white child endured down being a target for bullying.

He has got described their mom, Debbie Mathers-Briggs, as a pill-popping, lawsuit-launching, welfare-collecting crazy. She’s now suing him.

Nonetheless it had been their uncle Ronnie, whom later committed committing committing suicide, who introduced the youngster to rap. Their death will continue to haunt Eminem and “Slim Shady” is their payback to their uncle.

Williams, 30, worked for the chart-topping rapper from March to December 1999, and left adhering to a tiff that is nasty cash. As Eminem’s 24-hour bodyguard, he toured the whole world using the celebrity, while the daddy of two saw firsthand the rogue rapper’s insatiable appetite for intercourse and pills.

Williams claims that when Eminem hit rap riches he flew their “mistresses” top class across the globe to be by their part. One ended up being a bombshell that is brazilian Florida known as Kessia, while their opposite side meal had been a Latin-looking Californian named Nicole.

“They had been constantly exotic, unlike Kim, ” Williams states. “He had been really particular, simply anybody wouldn’t do, & most for girls had been quite nutritious. These people were supportive, gave and compassionate him exactly exactly just what he desired. ”

Williams describes the 2 mistresses knew how to deal with the volatile vocalist and keep him from searching for yet another girl every evening.

“When these people were around, he’d chill out and luxuriate in himself along camdolls. com with his fans. It made my task a complete great deal easier, ” the bodyguard claims.

But Williams adds that Eminem had an appetite for constant nurturing that is female companionship that nearly are priced at him dearly one night in Sweden as he had been discovered by having a 15-year-old groupie, an event that almost landed the entire entourage in prison.

The singer and their team had been tricked by the teenager whom, Williams claims, ended up being the best blond Swedish sweetie. The lady had several types of fake ID that appeared legit as well as the trip staff provided her the light that is green satisfy Eminem.

“She seemed every little bit of her 22 years, ” Williams laughs. “Unfortunately, Slim discovered her genuine age after he shared the night time together with her. ”

It had been the Scandinavian strumpet’s mother whom put the chill regarding the Nordic naughtiness and stopped her daughter taking place trip with all the rapper.

“Her mother stated, ‘If she gets on that air air plane, I’m pressing charges, ’ and that ended up being that, ” the former bodyguard laughs. “We may have all landed in prison. ”

Another amount of time in Kansas, three college-age groupies desired to own sex with Eminem, and Williams reluctantly admits he orchestrated the event.

“They had been all bisexuals, these girls, ” Williams claims. “I work it. Essentially, I became helping him cheat on their spouse. But Kim phone phone calls and so they begin arguing. Quickly, these girls aren’t looking forward to Slim and they’ve got their garments off and are also making love in the sleep. He had been arguing with Kim for hours so he missed away but we videotaped it. ”

THE guide additionally explores the high-school dropout’s obsession with teenager songbird Christina Aguilera additionally the encounter in Dublin that soured their lust and ignited a feud.

“Slim had a crush on her behalf. However when we had been in the MTV European countries him the time of day, ” Williams explains awards she didn’t give. “She offered an interview and had been expected to mention the precious dudes on the market, and Slim’s name came up. Christina said, ‘He’s attractive but he’s hitched to Kim. ’ He thought she’d blasted him. ”

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